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1799 Inclosure Act

1803 Inclosure Award

1803 Inclosure Map

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We have had a busy few months on our Thursday mornings. Dennis is still working hard on his chronology project. It has been a very big job and every time a new date shows up it has to be verified and inserted in the correct place on his computer. When it is finished we will have a new history of Wraysbury in date order.

Arthur, when his health permits and in between visits to our lovely Kay, has taken on the huge task of sorting all the wonderful photos we hold in the archives. If anyone has any old photos they think would be relevant we would be very happy to give them a new home.

Frances, what would we do without Frances. She has the job of sorting out all the articles from various publications and filing them in the correct place. All the 'paperwork' that comes to us from the public has to be found a home and Frances knows just where to put it. We are always happy to receive more!

I have had a lot of requests from people from far and wide to find their relatives that lived in Wraysbury years ago. One such request prompted me to try and work out the names of the houses before they were all numbered. It has been an interesting task and one made a little easier because as a child we used to visit our relatives that lived in different parts of the village and as there are so many ways to walk I remembered who lived in the different homes and some of the names. 

Did your house have a name? We would be very pleased to hear about it. The Archives are open from 10 am to 1 pm on Thursday mornings. Please come and visit us. You can even have a cup of coffee for 50p from Age Concern.

On behalf of my colleges I would like to thank the Parish Council for making the Archives possible.