Parish Council News December 2016

The Wraysbury Parish Council Members

  • Margaret Lenton (Chairman)

  • Peter Lord (Vice-Chairman)

  • Mike Williams (Lead Member – Community Resilience)

  • “ “ (Lead Member – Greens)

  • Diana Hughes (Lead Member – Planning)

  • Andy Moran (Lead Member – Properties)

  • Graham Sinclair (Lead Member – Watercourses)

  • John Lenton (RBWM Councillor, Horton & Wraysbury Ward)

  • Lora Andrew, Andrew Davies

  • Ewan Larcombe, Sue Nicholls

Clerk to the Council Jane Clemance Tel: 01784 482613

Acklam, Hill View Road, Wraysbury,

Staines-upon-Thames, TW19 5EQ


WPC Website:

WPC Facebook Page

Location of Wraysbury Parish Council (WPC) Noticeboards
There are 7 WPC noticeboards at the following locations:
  1. Coppermill Road next to the village sign opposite Mill Place
  2. Village Car Park on the side wall of the Frost Partnership
  3. Hythe End on the front wall of Hythe End Stores in Staines Rd
  4. Gloucester Drive on the side wall of Giggs Stores in Wraysbury Rd.
  5. Village Hall to the left of the main entrance from The Green.
  6. Wraysbury Primary School next to the school noticeboard by the school gate
  7. Welley Road opposite The Avenue / Park Avenue junction, next to the post box in front of Body Glow UK.
The following list gives a more complete idea of the scope of work carried out by the
members of the full Wraysbury Parish Council (WPC), beyond that of the primary/lead
roles. It is worth noting here that all Parish Councillors perform these (Parish) roles
voluntarily and are not paid for their time & effort.
Wraysbury Parish Council Internal Roles
Chairman Margaret Lenton
Vice-Chairman Peter Lord
Community Resilience, Infrastructure & Communications
Lead Member Mike Williams
Deputy Andy Moran
Lead Member Mike Williams
Lead Member Diana Hughes
Deputy Peter Lord
Lead Member Andy Moran
Deputy Sue Nicholls
Lead Member Graham Sinclair
Deputy Mike Williams
Premises Working Group 
Margaret Lenton, Andy Moran & Mike Williams
Finance Working Group 
Diana Hughes, Margaret Lenton, Andy Moran,
Graham Sinclair & Mike Williams
Wraysbury Parish Council External Representation Roles
DALC (District Association of Local Councils)
Andrew Davies (Chairman), Diana Hughes
DHW NAG (Datchet, Horton &Wraysbury Neighbourhood Action Group)
Margaret Lenton, John Lenton
HWNP (Horton & Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group)
Margaret Lenton
LAANC (Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council, London Heathrow Airport)
Andrew Davies
RBWM Flood Forum Andy Moran, Mike Williams
RBWM Aviation Forum John Lenton (in his role as RBWM Councillor)
Parish Paths & Byways Sue Nicholls (RBWM Liaison/Consultation)
Wraysbury Parochial Charities Mike Williams (WPC Liaison/Point of Contact)
Wraysbury Village Hall Andy Moran (Committee Member representing WPC)
Wraysbury Village Playground Lora Andrew (WPC Liaison/Point of Contact)
Wraysbury Voluntary Care Mike Williams (Committee Member representing WPC
2016 has been a busy year with the first half being devoted to celebrating the Queen’s
90th birthday, which Wraysbury marked in style by a beacon and a tea-party in the
Village Hall. In addition, we had a service in St Andrew’s. We discovered what
wonderful cake-makers the village has.
As a result of these preparations, many villagers talked to me about memories they
had of times past. It has been decided to use this information to produce a book of the
History of Wraysbury, collect additional information and record memories to be
included in the village archive to be available for use in the future. Can I ask, via this
article, for people to get in touch if they can remember major national events and how
they impacted upon Wraysbury, for example the various celebrations of Magna Carta,
the Coronation or the Queen’s Jubilees? How far do memories go back? What can
villagers remember about Wraysbury in the Second World War?
Memories of the First World War are now beyond living memory, but I have
registered the village to take part in a chain of beacons to take place on 11th
November 2018 as it is fitting we commemorate all those in the village who gave
their lives for their country between 1914 and 1918.
The other area that has occupied time is the preparation of Horton and Wraysbury’s
Neighbourhood Plan. We now have a draft which is open for consultation. We have
always realised, that in doing this work, we are constrained by the flood plain and
Green Belt. In addition, the Plan mainly relates to planning and the existing powers of
Parish Councils. Some matters are reserved to Government the Royal Borough. We
are lucky to have a consultant, who both knows our village and has detailed
experience of Neighbourhood Plans, working alongside us. I am personally grateful to
all those villagers who have attended consultations in both village halls and have
responded formally. We hope to go to a vote next year possibly in March.
The Parish Council has been consulted by the Environment Agency, which intends to
try and install barriers to protect areas of the village in the event of flooding. The
Agency will bring in the army to do this work. This is inevitably controversial and
opinions are divided. The Parish Council feels, on balance, that we should try to
protect properties and the plan should be further worked upon.
Through this page, I would like to say thank you to my fellow Parish Councillors who
work hard on behalf of their residents. We are undertaking a review of policies and
leases of properties owned by the Parish Council. In addition, we are working to
ensure that the reserves are built up to carry out essential work.
At the time of writing, the decision on additional runways in the South East has still
to become clear. May I take this opportunity of wishing you all a Happy Christmas
and prosperous New Year.
Margaret Lenton Tel: 01784 482001
(Chairman of Wraysbury Parish Council and Chairman of the Horton and
Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group)
BETTY MARLOW 1944 2016
It is an honour and privilege to write about Betty Marlow in what is a celebration of a
much fulfilled life.
Wraysbury owes so much to Betty, who rescued the Parish Council and worked
alongside the Parish councillors when the Council was badly let down. Her
knowledge of finance, local government and charity law was encyclopaedic but
readily shared from her vast experience. We go forward in a better state than we could
have imagined – so thank you Betty.
As a mark of our gratitude and appreciation, Wraysbury Parish Council had voted
Betty to be an honorary freeman of the village (incidentally Betty suggested this
might be a suitable award for Roger her late husband whom we sought to and will
honour for his long-time service as Clerk).
Betty helped with our awards ceremony in memory of Arthur Walters. She knew
everyone and ensured that everything was correctly done. She served on the steering
group of Horton and Wraysbury’s Neighbourhood Plan and that, when it is finally
achieved, will be a part of her legacy.
I went with her to BALC (Berkshire Association of Local Councils) to find that
everyone knew her; she was their honorary vice-president. She was suggested for this
honour because in the past she had been their treasurer, inheriting a parlous financial
position but leaving BALC with significant reserves in the Bank.
I was reminded of two stories. I received a phone call telling me not to ‘bully’ Betty.
Could anyone bully a determined, knowledgeable lady like Betty? I told her what had
been said and she told me that efficient, effective local government which served the
residents was her passion and working on Horton and Wraysbury affairs kept her
mind off her illness and towards the end of her life sadly her considerable sufferings.
I sat alongside Betty as a Governor of Churchmead School, where she was perceptive
and very concerned about the quality of education offered to the students. She
organised banquets together with the Police and Les Bradfield Betty oversaw the
events, donning her ‘pinny’ in preparation. Targeted young people have benefitted
from the skills they learnt and had career opportunities opened.
The second story involves receiving an e-mail alleging that Betty was trapped in
Cyprus and needed money. The e-mail was badly spelt; Betty could use the English
language effectively and would never have been at a loss in a challenging situation.
The first name on the e-mail list was the former superintendent of Windsor, so the
fraudster met deserved retribution. NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) under her
chairmanship did valuable work in Old Windsor, Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury,
highlighting issues and promoting crime reduction measures, which have benefitted
all the residents. She had a finger on the pulse of her community.
Finally, to her family, I offer my sincere condolences but amidst all the sadness, I
hope you will find consolation and deep pride in what Betty achieved throughout her
life and in the high regard with which she was held. Betty, we shall miss you and we
will not forget you.
Margaret Lenton Chairman of Wraysbury Parish Council
(From the Eulogy delivered at her funeral on 18th July 2016)
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