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A British Prime Minister appeared on American television and was asked a question about the Magna Carta. The TV host thought he was asking an easy question because every American school child learns about this and the audience is surprised by David Cameron’s hesitation. American children learn about this because Magna Carta is seen as the basis of their Constitution and Civil Rights.

We hope that when on June 15th 2015 we celebrate 800 years of the sealing of Magna Carta at Runnymede (in the parish of Wraysbury) everyone in the United Kingdom will know as much about Magna Carta as people in the Commonwealth and the United States.

Work for the celebration is already underway in Wraysbury, as a wall hanging is being embroidered showing King John and the shields of the Barons and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, who acted as an intermediary. In addition, Dennis Pitt is producing a booklet which we hope to distribute throughout the village.

We already have a series of activities planned for 2015, focussing on the week before the 15th June 2015. We intend to hold an archery contest challenging the Charter Boroughs and towns associated with the Barons.

 We also want to hold a schools’ day during the week and we propose to hold an event in the village hall on the Thursday evening with readings and music. We intend to make the Village Fair a medieval fair with a pageant which takes place throughout the village and on the Sunday we aim to have a peal of bells rung and a Songs of Praise.

We want everyone in the village to be involved, with every village organization mentioning Magna Carta during their meetings and holding a related event in 2015. We also aim to decorate the village and hold a flower festival.

We are starting to link with other places and we intend that the Royal Borough will join fully in the celebration. We have been in touch with the village of Walkern in Hertfordshire, whose history society are coming to visit in July 2013.

They have the tomb in their Parish Church of a Baron of Lanvalei, one of the guarantors of the Charter. We also have contacts with Odiham where plans for the celebration are well underway.

Wraysbury had a central place in one of the most important events in British history. We have an obligation to ensure that we celebrate Magna Carta in 2015.

Next year marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War which broke out in 1914 and those soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave their lives from this village in both World Wars were fighting to maintain the values of the Rule of Law as set out 800 years ago in this Parish.

We have a stall at Wraysbury Fair on 15th June and the next meeting is planned for 20th June in Wraysbury Village Hall at 7 pm.

Please do get in touch if you wish to help.

Margaret Lenton 01784 482001

(Vice Chairman of Wraysbury Parish Council and Chairman of the Wraysbury Celebration of Magna Carta Committee)




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