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In May Councillor Colin Rayner was elected as Mayor of the Royal Borough for 2012/13. This is a great honour for Horton and Wraysbury especially as this is the year of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen and also the year during which part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games were held at Eton Dorney.

In his role as Mayor, Colin has performed many duties not just at the Games and Silver Jubilee but has also attended and is attending many other events in both our Villages and throughout the Borough...


Our other Ward Councillor, John Lenton, continues to work on behalf of the residents of Horton and Wraysbury in addition to his wider responsibilities. He is also Chairman of the Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund with its 50,000 members and one and a half billion pounds of assets, a member of the Royal Berkshire Fire and

Rescue Service and Vice Chairman of the Fire Authority’s future Planning committee which like most public authorities is intending to maintain and improve services while facing necessary cuts in Government grants. John is also Vice Chairman of the

RBWM Rural Planning Panel and Chairman of the Aviation Forum. The Aviation Forum is heavily engaged in the never ending reviews of airport capacity in the South East. The main concern of the Forum at present is to keep explaining that putting additional runways at Heathrow would be the wrong place not only because the East

West layout of the airport creates too much noise and unnecessary risk over built up areas but also because space constraints mean that an expanded Heathrow would be inefficient and expensive to operate.


Magna Carta

Our Councillors are working with the Borough of Runnymede to hold joint celebrations to celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta on 15th June 1215.

Planning and Travellers

The Borough has a statutory duty to provide additional pitches for Travellers, including Gypsies and Showmen and is trying to implement this policy. At present nearly 90% of all known Travellers in the Borough are resident in Horton and Wraysbury together with Mill Place in Datchet which is close to Horton. While Travellers, like other minority groups, are welcome in our villages and in our local

schools, integration into the wider community will be much more successful if new Traveller pitches are spread more widely around the Borough and your Councillors are working to achieve this. Many of our local Travellers agree and were eager to sign short “marker” petitions which both Parishes recently presented to Council.


Village Matters

Some problems remain with us. Not least is the failure of the NHS to provide a new satellite surgery in Wraysbury although the Borough has a suitable site available. Progress is unlikely until the NHS reorganization is complete and Heatherwood’s financial problems resolved. Margaret Lenton has been re-elected as a Governor of Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation Trust.

In an attempt to reduce parking difficulties at the expanding Wraysbury School, double yellow lines have been installed on an experimental basis. The industrialisation of Hythe End and its traffic problems remains unresolved. Also, at the time of writing, the future of the Bell Weir site depends in part on the result of the appeal against refusal of Planning permission for an overlarge hotel on the site.

At the time of writing the inquiry into the proposed Village Green at Thamesfield has been adjourned.


Refuse Bins

The Borough has now delivered small refuse bins for waste. The food waste is taken away to a new composting digestion plant in Oxfordshire and turned into fertiliser for local farms and energy for the local area. The food waste now collected and recycled would otherwise have gone to Landfill on which your Council would have had to pay Landfill Tax. Our recycling policies not only help keep our Council Tax rate as one of the lowest in the country but directly benefit those of our Residents who are able to use our “Blue Bin Rewards”.

With kind regards to all our Residents.


Cllr. Colin Rayner Cllr John Lenton






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