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The parishes of Horton and Wraysbury share two Royal Borough Councillors. They are Councillor John Lenton and Councillor Colin Rayner. Both are members of their respective Parish Councils. In practice both Borough Councillors work very closely with both Parish Councils. John is currently Deputy Mayor of the Royal Borough.


The highlights of the year were the celebrations of the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. A beacon visible for miles marked her actual birthday and this was followed on June 11th by a party in the Village Hall to celebrate her Official Birthday.

At this latter party some magnificent cakes of various imaginative designs were donated by several village organisations and individuals. We had asked for 9 cakes (one for each decade) but received a few extras as well. Various entertainments took place including a children’s’ entertainer who used a Hogwarts theme. Several hundred of our residents and their children enjoyed the celebrations even though the weather prevented any outside activities.


The Neighbourhood Plan has been developed throughout the period is nearing finalisation.


We continue to press for all three sections of the River Thames Scheme to be built at once and remain concerned that the Wraysbury section, which is the most expensive, will risk being deleted in future expenditure cuts. Your Councillors continue to work with the Royal Borough and Adam Afriyie, our Member of Parliament, to ensure that the Scheme is built as speedily as possible. In view of the growing national recognition that there is a housing shortage we are endeavouring to convince the government that implementing the River Thames Scheme, if sensibly constructed, would free up land for much needed housing. The Environment Agency is still developing the River Thames Scheme but sadly it does not seem to figure in any of infrastructure schemes being promoted at national level. However one major development is that the Environment Agency is considering the possibility of some form of protection for parts of Wraysbury which would be installed by the military. Unfortunately the South and North areas of Wraysbury appear to be dealt with by different departments of the Environment Agency and only one is communicating with us. We continue to press on this point.


At the time of writing the Government is intending to build a new NW runway for the South East at Heathrow although inevitably this is subject to still more consultation. Heathrow is the most costly of the options being considered and its construction, including burying the M25 wholly underground or partially underground with the runway on a bridge, would cause nightmarish congestion. For Wraysbury the North West runway would seem likely to have some advantages as Heathrow Airport Holdings has promised us extra expenditure on noise insulation. This we will certainly need if planning permission is finally granted to implement the Cranford Agreement (opposed by your Councillors) as this would lead to more flights over Wraysbury.


At the time of writing the RBWM Council, through its Aviation Forum is working with other local councils to determine whether a formal judicial review of the Heathrow proposal would be productive on the grounds that so many promises have been given that a third runway would not be built at Heathrow.


After a protracted planning process RK Leisure has now largely completed the development of Wraysbury Lake 1 into a commercial carp fishing lake. The development is in a superb setting and enhances what had become an untended and unsafe area. An open day for residents was held in October and the reaction of most residents was been favourable. RK intends to have several open days each but we have yet to receive details.

The situation at Hythe End is that the Environment Agency has revoked the two operating licences. However the operator has lodged appeals and we await the determination of the appeals.

Following the approval by the RBWM Council of John Lenton's motion that the Royal Borough should seek to open a satellite Grammar School in the Borough, the Borough is now developing a proposal for its first satellite Grammar School. Unfortunately it is likely to be in Maidenhead but would still ease pressure on places.

The RBWM is currently exploring the possibility of working with other authorities to determine whether the joint delivery of Children’s Services and Adult Services would be cost effective while improving the quality of service. Residents will be aware that because of growing longevity the cost of providing services for the elderly is steadily increasing.


The improvements to Wraysbury Bridge to improve pedestrian safety are underway and should be completed by the time Wraysbury News is published.


Work on clearing the Wraysbury Drain continues and is close to completion. As the name implies it is a drain and will not always contain water. We would like to thank the various litter clearing parties for their time and effort.


We empty your refuse bins each week and are one of the few local authorities which continue to do so.


The Royal borough has a 24 hour emergency service. Residents concerned about late night noise and entry into fields, unauthorized tree felling, traffic light failures at the bridges or any similar type of emergency should phone 01753 853517.

We are especially concerned that residents should ‘phone the emergency line when there are failures at the Wraysbury and Sunnymeads traffic lights.


The contact details for your Councillors are given below. If you have any concerns or matters you wish to raise with the council, please use the phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Facebook complaints do not necessarily reach your Councillors and even if they do, your Councillors cannot directly respond via Facebook. Dangerous or noisy traffic should be notified to the police on the 101 non-emergency line. For emergencies use 999. For urgent medical matters but which are not emergencies use 111.


John and Colin are both very proud to be of service to our residents and we have made many friends in the best ward in the Royal Borough. We are grateful to our wives, Margaret and Samantha, for the help they give us in Horton and Wraysbury, as both have their own local and borough council responsibilities. 

 November 4th 2016






Floods: soldiers deployed to Wraysbury forget their wellies and waders

Military boots hit the ground in the flood-hit village of Wraysbury on Tuesday, but it quickly transpired they were the wrong kind of boots. As more than a hundred soldiers from the 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers marched through the Berkshire village that has become the latest frontline in Britain's battle against rising water, there were neither wellies nor waders in sight. 

Here were the men from the military trumpeted by the prime minister as proof the flooding crisis was under control, but residents in the Thameside town complained that when the water got deep, some of them couldn't even get out of their trucks. One platoon – supposed to be checking on flooded residents on the embankment – couldn't get down because the water was so deep. They ended up just sitting in the back of the lorry while locals went about in hip-high rubber boots. "They were not allowed in the water," said Ian Yorke, 50, an operations manager at British Airways who lives on the flooded street. "They had no waders, nothing. They didn't come prepared. It is all window -dressing." Other soldiers ploughed in wearing lace-ups, but the situation seemed to sum up the frustration of the residents of Wraysbury, which started going under water at the weekend for the second time this year, but only saw its first concerted official help .

The day began in confusion as the defence secretary, Philip Hammond, told residents he was surprised a team of soldiers and police had not delivered sandbags yet and that he believed they were nearby. When local organisers checked, it became clear they were not.

When the troops finally arrived from their base at Tidworth in Wiltshire, they received no more than a grudging welcome from residents who had been mounting their own rescue operations and patrols of the village for several days and had not slept much.
"The first thing that was on the national news last night [Monday] was Wraysbury and all of a sudden today it is madness," said Kerry Willoughby. "It is just crazy: too little, too late. Too many people have lost a lot of things and it shouldn't have had to come to this. And all of these vans are more of a hindrance than anything else."
"This is ridiculous," added Beverley McCauley. "What are they doing here today? I just don't know what they are going to do. The damage is already done. I think they have to be seen to be doing something. I've seen three truckloads of sandbags go in, when there were none yesterday or the day before."
The commander in charge even acknowledged they had arrived well after the recovery operation had begun.
"I wouldn't say the work has been done, but it was very much under way when we arrived," admitted Major Jim Skelton. "One of our roles today is to help fill sandbags and fill them as quickly as we can. We are also helping to identify vulnerable people who need evacuation and those who chose to stay in their homes."

The soldiers pitched a command tent in the field next to the playground and around 20 troops began filling sandbags, which were then delivered by local volunteers. Other small platoons drove to cut-off streets in the village and asked residents if they wanted to evacuate. Many said they were happy to stay put, but they wanted sandbags, which the troops had unfortunately not brought with them. 

When Su Burrows, the local flood warden who has become the face of the community's emergency response, addressed a packed school hall after the troops' arrival, she proclaimed victory not over the flood waters, but over officialdom's slow response. 

"We did it," she said to cheers. "We have the Environment Agency, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, we have the police, we have the fire service and the Army. I know you are angry and frustrated, but we have to get through this. Our community is one of the best in the world."

A man, who asked not to be named, reported simmering anger in the village. He pointed to an Environment Agency Land Rover and complained: "That's the first time we've seen them here in four weeks. We were first flooded on 11 January."

The troops and officials were not alone in becoming the focus of local frustration. David Cameron's claim from Downing Street that there had been "a strong response" raised eyebrows in the George pub.

"There's been no response," said Keith Corio, 65. "There was an ambulance driver off duty the other day coming round in his canoe because he was so frustrated [with the response] and we didn't see anyone from the fire service until Monday night."

Ed Miliband, on a mission to offer "moral support", found himself drummed out of the makeshift command centre in the village primary school by the deputy mayoress of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Margaret Lenton, who accused the opposition leader of seeking "a photo opportunity".

As Miliband gave a TV interview, Lenton called out: "You people get out.",  "What is he doing here?" she asked. "Where have they been all this time? He was standing in the middle of a working organisation where we are trying to get people rescued. He turns up for a photo opportunity when we are now down to hard cases of rescuing old and vulnerable people."

Miliband was also accosted by an angry resident, Jane Davison, whose home had been flooded since Sunday. She listened as he said he was impressed by the response of the emergency services, supported by local people. Miliband told her: "My case to the government is they have been too slow. They should have got this support to you much earlier." Afterwards she said: "I have never been so close to hitting someone."


January 2014


January 2014 flooding from the air



Reopened after a sympathetic refurbishment that maintained many of the old features and character of this 600 year old building, The George at Wraysbury has fast become one of the most popular gastro pubs in the Windsor and surrounding areas.

Their head chef was originally trained by Heston Blumenthal
The George serves simple food and has a dish for all tastes and palettes on their regularly updated menu. The George's cooking philosophy remains the same throughout the year; to provide fresh ingredients from local sources including their own private garden, all expertly cooked to the very highest standard.


Nick, Sarah and the team would love to welcome you to The Perseverance in Wraysbury, Berkshire. This friendly Grade II listed pub is at the heart of the local village, offering delicious fresh food and fine local cask ales in an atmosphere that's warm and inviting. With regular guest ales from popular breweries, including  Windsor & Eton  Brewery and Sharps Brewery. They offer fresh home-cooked food each day from their main menu and specials board, featuring a range of seasonal dishes. Food serving hours are from 12-3 and 5-9 on Mondays to Fridays, from 12-9 on Saturdays, and from 12-6 on Sundays. 


Councillors at the Meeting of the Council on 21st October expressed their appreciation for Tom’s contribution and presented him with wine and a signed mini cricket bat in recognition of his love of cricket. 


Wraysbury Parish Council and the family of the late Arthur Walters are inviting nominations for a new award for services to village life; The Arthur Walters Community Award.

The aim is to commemorate Arthur, who passed away in 2012 after a lifetime of rich and varied contributions to the local community, and to encourage others to follow his example.

The winner will be the person judged to have made an outstanding contribution to village life. It could be a single act or achievement in the course of a year, or for a contribution over a much longer period. The competition will be open to village residents of all ages.

The winner will receive a trophy, £100 and be commemorated by a plaque in the Village Hall. Nominations are invited from village residents and the organisers look forward to receiving a wide range of submissions. The award will be judged by councillors and representatives of Arthur’s family.

Arthur's daughter, Claudia, said: 'Dad loved Wraysbury and would be thrilled to think that others who put something back into village life had a chance to be honoured.’ Those wishing to make a nomination should obtain the permission of the person they wish to recommend for the honour and explain, in no more than 250 words, why they believe the individual merits special recognition.

Nominations to be sent to: The Clerk to Wraysbury Parish Council, The Arthur Walters Community Award, Cambia, Stanwell Road, Horton, Berks, SL3 9PA.
Electronic copies of the Nomination Form will be available on the Parish Council website and the Wraysbury News Facebook page. Hard copies of the form will be available at the Village Hall.

Closing date 31/1/2014



We are still suffering from proposals to solve the urgent need for more airport capacity in the South East by expanding Heathrow. 

One proposal is a three quarter length Runway 3 in a rather silly location between Heathrow and the A4 while another is to replace the existing two runways at Heathrow by 4 new ones built over the M25, Wraysbury Reservoir and most of Horton. 


Cllr John Lenton is leading the opposition to this absurd idea and has pointed out the defects in several radio, television and newspaper interviews. So far none of the supporters of this scheme has contradicted any of John’s arguments against the proposals. 



Artefacts dating back thousands of years were on display in an exhibition held in Wraysbury Village Hall at the end of April and showcased discoveries at the site in Horton. 

Large areas of the site have been excavated, allowing us to view entire landscapes and understand how the area was utilised throughout history. The method has also revealed some amazing discoveries which may otherwise have been lost or not seen. Some of the finds recovered from the excavations are of national importance, including the remains of four Early Neolithic (3750 BC) houses and a rare Beaker burial (2300 BC).  ..More..



 were put up for sale by CEMEX without the Parish or adjacent properties being informed. A few days before an arranged sale was due to be executed your Borough Councillors, having found out about the proposed sale, obtained the support of nearly 200 residents in an endeavour to place a Parish Community Right to Bid order for the lakes. This was duly executed by the Borough but CEMEX circumvented this by selling the lakes as part of a business rather than as the individual assets as originally marketed. The lakes were then purchased by a wealthy organization called RK Leisure which is now developing Wraysbury 1 (alongside Welley Road) as a commercial angling business. The Parish is now discussing with The Colne Valley Park and RK Leisure whether Wraysbury 2 (behind the High Street) can been incorporated into the park 




A British Prime Minister appeared on American television and was asked a question about the Magna Carta. The TV host thought he was asking an easy question because every American school child learns about this and the audience is surprised by David Cameron’s hesitation. American children learn about this because Magna Carta is seen as the basis of their Constitution and Civil Rights.


We hope that when on June 15th 2015 we celebrate 800 years of the sealing of Magna Carta at Runnymede (in the parish of Wraysbury) everyone in the United Kingdom will know as much about Magna Carta as people in the Commonwealth and the United States.




At the time of writing Councillor Colin Rayner is approaching the end of his year as Mayor of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. His highly successful term of office encompassed not only Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee but also the Olympic and Paralympics Games at Eton Wick. He has attended over 800 official functions and many more in an unofficial capacity. His success owes much to his wife, Samantha, who has been at his side and supported him throughout his term of office. Colin says that he had been “delighted and honoured” to have the great privilege of serving all the residents of the Royal Borough but not least those of Horton and Wraysbury ..More..



ROGER MARLOW 16th May 1937 - 10th March 2013


Shocked Wraysbury Parish residents sat silently at April’s Annual Parish meeting as a tribute was paid to the man who had served as Parish Clerk for 22 years.


Roger Marlow, 75 of Stanwell Road Horton lost his battle against cancer in March. But at the meeting council chairman Andrew Davies remembered the amazing style and humour of the man who put a small sign outside his hospital door saying ‘Offices of Wraysbury Parish Council.’ Cllr Davies said: “He was a dedicated public servant who did a brilliant job as clerk. He fought like a tiger for his life despite having six or seven operations, he never gave up.”


Roger’s wife Betty was chairman of Horton Parish Council for several years and when it hit crisis Roger stepped into the breach to become clerk there too. Betty said: “The night before he died he was doing some work for Wraysbury Parish Council, dictating things to me that needed doing with that sign on his door of his hospital room.”


Roger was born in Northamptonshire and worked in human resources for British Rail and British Airways until his retirement. But the man who served eight Wraysbury Parish Chairmen had an unexpected hobby riding horses with Wrangler cowboys on a Texas dude ranch. Betty said: “He had never sat on a horse till he was 60. We travelled a lot and discovered this ranch in Bandera – regarded as the cowboy capital of Texas, real spit and sawdust bars.” “We made good friends there and Roger used to ride with the Wrangler cowboys. He did that for nearly 20 years.” 


© Francis Butt of the Slough Express





After a long period of closure The George Inn has undergone major restoration work under its new owner Ben Smith. Ben hopes to re-open the pub towards the end of March. Their website is about to be re-launched, but in the meantime you can follow progress via Facebook.





We hope by the time you read this that, with the help of young people in the village, we will have planted our Diamond Jubilee Tree near the Village Hall and hopefully where two diseased ash trees were. 


Our tree is one of 60, awarded by the Tree Council to the Royal Borough's Tree Wardens, the Wraysbury ones in particular... pictures..



Preparations for this very significant anniversary are gathering pace in Wraysbury, Runnymede and in the charter boroughs associated with the barons who were present in the Parish of Wraysbury in June 1215.

Wraysbury plays a key part because in 1215 there was an ancient yew already over a thousand years old, Ankerwycke Priory and a newly rebuilt stone St Andrew’s Church already there when King John sealed the Magna Carta....More..




In May Councillor Colin Rayner was elected as Mayor of the Royal Borough for 2012/13. This is a great honour for Horton and Wraysbury especially as this is the year of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen and also the year during which part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games were held at Eton Dorney.

In his role as Mayor, Colin has performed many duties not just at the Games and Silver Jubilee but has also attended and is attending many other events in both our Villages and throughout the Borough..More..




The Government has allowed Operational Freedoms Trials to be carried out at Heathrow Airport between July 1st 2012 and March 2013. 

The Trials are an experiment but are likely to become permanent if no one complains. The Trials are intended to test whether operational benefits will outweigh the adverse impacts on Communities, such as ours, living under the flight paths....More..




Thames Valley Crimestoppers has joined forces with colleagues in Hampshire & The Isle of Wight, Kent, Surrey and Sussex to tackle metal theft crime head on in the South East. Theft of metal is a huge risk to the UK and whilst prices remain high and global demand for metal continues to rise. This crime is big business and an international problem that will not disappear on its own. More..


150th anniversary of the building of WRAYSBURY BAPTIST CHURCH in 1862. 

It seemed like too good an opportunity to miss and so we put together a varied range of events over the year with the aim of having something for everyone. Looking back, I’m glad to say that everybody who came seemed to enjoy them and were glad they came. ....More..




This year we are celebrating 900 years since the gift of the living at St. Andrew’s Church was given to the Abbot of St. Peter in Gloucester in the year 1112 AD. 

He was the first recorded Rector. This was before Magna Carta in 1215 and before the foundation of Ankerwycke Benedictine Priory in 1154 AD during the reign of Henry II....More..



Datchet, Horton &  Wraysbury Neighbourhood Action Group public meeting and annual questionnaire  (May/June 2011)

Since the DHW NAG was formed and with the active support of our partner agencies (Thames Valley Police, RBWM Community Safety Team, local Housing Associations, Parish Councils, other agencies and community representatives), we have addressed the concerns and needs which have been bought to our attention in many different ways by members of the three communities we serve. Each year our main vehicle for collecting information and the identification of the three local policing priories for the coming year is via a questionnaire that is circulated in many differing ways within the community. Where possible (subject to volunteers) they have been delivered door to door, through local groups and are available at a number of information points and community web sites. Should you require an electronic copy please email dhw_nag@ ..More


Temporary Speeding Camera

Hopefully not too many of you will have been caught by the temporary speeding camera on the Staines Road. The temporary cameras can pick a speeding car up at a greater distance than the static cameras. Please remember to drive within the speed limit on the roads. The Police will continue to use this site for the camera whilst car drivers continue to go over the limit. The less speeding - the less the need for the camera.... More



Drug and Alcohol Action Team issue ketamine warning

The Royal Borough's Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) is issuing a warning about the effects of the drug ketamine, known as the 'new ecstasy'. 

The warning follows reports of increased use of the drug by clients in local drug treatment services, reflecting evidence of the increased recreational use of ketamine nationally.

Ketamine (known as K, Special K and Vitamin K) has become increasingly popular nationally and locally. In 2008 the British Crime Survey revealed it was the fastest growing 'party drug' among 16 to 24-year-olds, leading it to be dubbed the 'new ecstasy'. The BCS also stated that reported use (therefore meaning actual numbers will far outstrip this) has gone up from around 60,000 users in 1998 to 113,000 in 2008. 

Di Wright, Drug and Alcohol Action Team Manager and Commissioner, said: "Fortunately, the Royal Borough does not have a huge problem with ketamine or other drugs. However, I urge anyone with concerns or questions to contact the borough's advice and treatment service, T2, by calling 01628 683260. ....More

Surface Water Drainage

The water bills are dropping through the letterbox again. Please check your bill and confirm that you are not being improperly charged for surface water disposal.

To get a form for a rebate phone 0845 9200 800 or  go to:
and download one.

A big thank you to everyone who gave a donation at Christmas to the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice. Please consider doing it again this year and go to the website to find out what other exciting things are happening this year




Annual Parish Walk 

The Annual Parish Walk will take place on 24th April 2010, meeting at 10:00 am outside Karellies Cafe in the High Street.  This is a 2 hour nature walk along the footpaths of Wraysbury led by Phil Jackson, All are welcome.

What is the Wraysbury Eight Yards ?

"I know of no way in which the inhabitants of a parish can loose a right of this kind once they have acquired it except by an Act of Parliament..." So said Lord Denning Master of the Rolls..


Home energy survey


The Council’s Environment Services are offering a Free Home Energy Survey.  The Royal Borough’s Energy Awareness Officer will visit your home – about half an hour – and show you ways to reduce your energy bills. 

New utilities partner proposal to keep Borough on the move

Fewer traffic hold-ups and better travel information. That's the aim of a new council initiative that will bring about better co-ordination of road works and more information for residents, visitors, businesses and the travelling public.

Neighbourhood Watch

Thames Valley Police Messaging service can be receive by email. Updates on crimes are received about twice a week and it is a very helpful service.

Mixed recycling pilot 

Recycling will soon be saving money for even more Royal Borough residents as the council's pioneering rewards pilot scheme is extended to include mixed recycling.






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