Arms of the Barons and sureties of the Magna Carta 1215

Aubigney Aubigney

William d'Aubigny
(died 1 May 1236)
Lord of Belvoir





Saxons and Normans

Magna Carta






20th century


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Bignod Bignod

Roger Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk
(c. 1144/1150 1221)

Bignod Bignod

Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk
(c. 1182 1225)

Bohun Bohun

Henry de Bohun, 1st Earl of Hereford 
(1176 1220)
English Norman Nobleman

de Claire de Claire

Richard de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford 
(c.1153 30 December 1218)

de Claire de Claire

Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford 
(1180 25 October 1230)

de Percy de Percy

William de Percy
6th Baron Percy

de Ros de Ros

Robert de Ros of Fursan 
(1177 11 December 1226)
Baron of Hamlake

de Vere de Vere

Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford
(died 1221)

Fitz Robert FitzRobert

John FitzRobert 
(ca. 1190 - 1240)
Lord of Warkworth Castle

Fitz Walter FitzWalter

Robert Fitzwalter 
(died 9 December 1235)
Lord of Dunmow Castle, Essex

Fortz Forz

William de Forz, 3rd Earl of Albemarle
(died 26 March 1242)
English nobleman

Hardell Hardell

William Hardell
Lord Mayor of London

Huntingfield Huntingfield

William de Huntingfield
(c.1175 - c.1220)
Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk

Lacy Lacy

John de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln
(1192 July 22, 1240)
8th Baron of Halton

Langton Langton

Simon Langton
(died 1248)
Archbishop of York

Lanvellei.jpg Lanvellei

William de Lanvallei 
English landowner
Lord of Walkern and 
Govenor of Colchester Castle

Mallet Mallet

William II Malet 
(born before 11751215)
Lord of Curry Mallet and Shepton Mallet
Sheriff of Somerset

Mandaville Mandaville

Geoffrey FitzGeoffrey de Mandeville
(died 1216)
2nd Earl of Essex and 6th Earl of Gloucester

Montbegan Montbegan

Roger de Montbegon 
(d. 1226)
landowner in Lancashire 
Baron of Horneby,

Montfitchet Montfitchet

Richard de Montfichet  
(died 1267)
Lord of Stanstead and Wraysbury

Mowbray Mowbray

William de Mowbray
Baron of Axholme

Quincy Quincy

Saer de Quincy, 1st Earl of Winchester 
(1155 3rd November 1219)
Norman nobleman

Vesci Vesci

Eustace de Vesci
(1169 1216) 
Lord of Alnwick

Say Say

Geoffrey de Say 
(1155 1230) 
English nobleman
Landowner in Edmonton and Sawbridgeworth






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