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Prerogative Court of Canterbury 
Public record office reference: prob 31/757/795. 

Transcript of an inventory, dated 17th October 1786, and brought into the registry of the court on 21st October 1786, in respect of the estate of John Lovegrove late of Wyrardisbury, Buckinghamshire (whose will, dated 18th November 1777, with letters of administration dated 1786, is amongst the records of the prerogative Court of Canterbury - public record office reference: prob 11/1146, quire 526) 

Extracted, from the original inventory, by Paul Anghinetti, 5th - 6th April 1993.

A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of John Lovegrove late of Wyrardisbury in the county of Bucks deceased which at any time since his death have come to the hands possession or knowledge of Sarah Godman widow the administratrix (with the will annexed) of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased for the use and benefit of Mary Lovegrove widow the relict of the said deceased and the sole executrix named in the said will now a lunatick for and during her lunacy made and given in by virtue of the corporal oath of the said Sarah Godman follows to wit.

Inprimis cash in the said deceased's house at the time of his death 26-10-0

Household goods and furniture linen stock in trade and other things the property of the said deceased as they were valued and appraised by Henry Styles and Thomas Jarvis and taken by William Matthews the successor of the said deceased in his business at such appraisement on the 28th day of July last as follows to wit.

In the chamber over the shop 

A cotton counterpane a wallnut tree chest of drawers a deal corner cupboard with shelves a wainscot bureau a pier glass an eight day clock six beech chairs a pillar mahogany table a night stool with a pewter pan a coffer chest a large print five small do. A pot a row of pegs a door curtain a mahogany tea board four hat hooks twelve delph plates a do. Dish a pair of butter boats a pair of half pint basons two pint do. Six china cups and saucers a cream pot two coloured peppar castors and one salt.

In the chamber over the kitchen

A four post bedstead and two check curtains.

In the lumber room 

Two sacks of beans two sacks of oats one bushell measure and a strike a chest a spinning wheel two beer barrels a sack cart some odd wood and boards a side saddle a bridle a cast shovel and sundry old iron a cross cut saw and a quilting frame. 

In the kitchen 

A range grate with iron back a shovel a pair of tongs a strike fender a gridiron a hang iron a footman some wire skewers an iron candlestick a pair of snuffers two flat irons and stands a jack a fixed iron weight a spit two dog irons ten pewter dishes seventeen do. Plates a half pint cup a porringer five odd pewter plates a pewter bason a stone dish a quart mug a delph bowl a do. Bason a tea pot a bason two glasses a tinder box a small glass a pair of sugar tongs a lanthorn a hand waiter a wainscot flap table a chair two bacon racks a corner cupboard three drawers fixed under the dresser a large quarto bible a small do. Thirty one odd books a fowling piece a two leaved screen a hand saw two hatchetts a bill a cutting knife a shewing iron two hammers a turning saw a drawing knife a pair of pinchers an auger a spike bill a mallet a trowel a ladle a brush a basket and nails a beedle four wedges a pair of stilyards and iron crow a scaring axe. 

In the drink house

Six firkins three small casks two beer stands five beer casks a piging a hand bowl a cunnett two wood bottles a salt box two wood platters a small bowl five ladles and stirrers a rowling pin a cullender a drinking pan seven earthen dishes four stone jars an earthen cullender a pitcher a firkin of grape wine a bottle of checkup a compass shelf and a hanging shelf. 

In the dairy 

Thirty milk pans two deep pans for lard thirty glass bottles two porridge pots and covers a pewter pint a milk strainer a print a pair of wooden scales and a milk dish a butter tumbler a hog killing form a kneading trough and cover a set a dairy shelves and the inclosure round the bottom six silver handled knives and forks and box six black handled knives and forks silver ferreled some odd forks and a box. 

In the wash house 

A washing copper and wood cover an oven peel a fire board a mash tub a surror tong tap and vase a mash tub stand five round coolers a half hogshead vinegar cask three new iron hoops a water pail a basket a pottle and a half peck measure a peck a spade a water pot a shovel a beer stand and a chicken baskett. 

Room at the foot of the stairs 

Two large salt binns and covers a meal chest six pots with 100 pounds of lard seven dozen of heath brooms and a shelf. 

In the shop 

A counter and candle rail four drawers a compass shelf a glass case a nest of drawers an open rail shew cupboard a hanging shelf sundry wood blocks three binns with partitions and covers one open binn a soap box a tobacco box fourteen sacks a peck a half peck a pottle and a quart measure two strikes a meal shovel four small tubs and two covers a pair of large scales and beam five half hundred two quarter do two fourteen pounds and one seven pound iron weights a pair of flour scales a bell a four pound a two pound a one pound a half pound four quarter pounds a two ounce two one ounce one half ounce and one quarter of an ounce brass weights three pair of copper scales a pair of brass do. A pair of butter scales a pair of money scales and weights two painted cannisters two smaller do 2 odd do a coffee mill a cheese iron a bacon and a butter knife a treacle can five snuff jars some snuff and tobacco three deep brown pots an egg baskett a slate two needle boxes sundry gamble and other hooks six whole cheeses seven flitches of bacon and a piece of a flitch of do. A, parcel of salt part of two sacks of flour twenty six wedges of soap four pounds of bohea tea two pound of coffee thirty five pounds of six penny sugar twelve pounds of lump do three papers of starch twelve pounds of stone blue half a pound of powder blue three pounds of sugar candy one pound of Jamaica spice some sulphur of brimstone one pound and a half of ground peppar four pounds of carraway seeds four pounds and a half of salt petre two pounds and a half of flour of mustard four pounds and a half of rice twelve pounds and a half of gunpowder fifty pounds of shot seven pair of mens shoes seven pair of womens do. Eleven pair of pattens seven pounds of 2d cord eighteen pounds of ld cord three pounds four ounces of 3d thread one pound ten ounces of 2d do. Three ounces of 6d thread five ounces of 12d do. Four ounces of cotton thread one pound four ounces of, 2/2 worstead three pieces of holland tape and one piece of flareon tape twenty six half penny laces eighteen penny do. Seven whole pieces of coloured binding seven thimbles some shirt buttons six papers of pins three single papers of large do. Six dozen and a half of whip cord one pound of ginger half a ream of shop paper two pounds of rosin and allum ten penny balls of thread six cabbage nets a sugar hatchett a do. Hammer three pecks of beans a broom a strike three bushells of fine pollard three peck of oats a quantity of sixpenny shoe nails. 

Out door stock 

A quantity of faggots two thousand more or less a stone, sow in pig eight stone pigs a dung cart with ladder and shambles and ropes a market cart the erection of the cart house the hog stye side and covering a hog trough a tub two hay cribs six sloted hurdles one roded do. Three ladders seven cow stalls one feeding trough the enclosure of the calf pen a bearded flour a grain tub a chaff cutting box and knife and racket sieve four prongs three rakes two scythes a dung fork two garden rakes and a dung drag. 

In the back yard 

The whole erection of straw house and covering the erection of the pig stye and covering and the erection of the goose house and covering a one hole hog hutch and trough a two hole do. And a do. A do. And a do. A hog tub and pail a wheelbarrow a grindstone an old harrow with tines a hen rip a basket a parcel of scantling wood and some stock wood a quantity of coals & three coal measures. 

In the stable 

A rack and manger a cart jack harness for two horses a saddle two briddles two wanteys. 

In the field and on the common 

Four weaned calves six milch cows in calf three sucking calves a draught mare four stone geese and a gander a rick of meadow hay a barley soul a hill of dung a gate and posts in the field. 

All which household goods stock in trade and other things were valued and appraised by the said Henry Styles and Thomas Jarvis ) at the sum of two hundred and three pounds and fifteen shillings) 203/15 

Household goods and furniture linen and other things the property of the said deceased as they were valued and appraised by the said Henry Styles on the said twenty eighth day of July 1786 and reserved for the use of the said Mary Lovegrove widow the relict of the said deceased as follows to wit. 

Chamber over the shop 

A four post bedstead with red check furniture a feather bed bolster two pillows two blankets a linen quilt two check curtains and vallins a bureau bedstead on castors a chamber stove a hat box a ban box a pair of tongs poker and shovel a pair of dogs four galley pots with jelly a china cup and saucer thirteen quart bottles with tare and other wine. 

Linen etc. 

Nine sheets six pillow biers six napkins one damask table cloth three course cloths three hand towells two small do. One dresser cloth four linen bags seven tea spoons & one table spoon. 

Chamber over the kitchen 

A chest of drawers & an easy chair and cushion. 

In the kitchen 

A poker a pair of bellows a round trevit a pot hanger a chafing dish a sifter a pot trevit a toasting fork one iron candlestick a pair of snuffers two flat irons a stand six rib'd cups and saucers four half pint basons a tea pot a glass two tumblers a salt a. Pair of brass candlesticks a drudger a cannister a tin pot a tinder box an hour glass a small table two common chairs a testament the whole duty of man a brass ladle a firkin and a half of currant wine two pint pans four deep pans two brass kettles a tea kettle a frying pan two tin saucepans a tin pot a coffee pot three pewter spoons three knives and forks two wash tubs a form a pail a cinder sieve a flasket a basket a clape line and an old trunk. 

All which last mentioned household goods and other things were valued and appraised by the said Henry Styles at the sum of thirteen pounds and six pence. 13..... 6 

Also this exhibitant declares that the following sums of money were due to the sd deceased at the time of his death from the several persons undermentioned which she esteems to be good debts but no part thereof have been as yet received by this exhibitant or by any person on her account & therefore she protests against being charged therewith or with any part thereof until she shall receive the same. 

Mr.spurling 2 6 6 

Mr-brown 8 6 3 

Tothill - 2 0 

Singer - 8 0 

Cantwell 1 6 0 

Rudder - 6 102 

John Clarke 17 5 

Radnor 11 6 

Hall - 13 7 

Perkins 2 6 0. 

Bullock - 8 0 

Bromstead 4 8 

Hambleton - 3 3 

Randall 1 2 ..10 

Saunders - 6 3 

Archer - 9 -2 

Garlick - 5 4 

Garett - 3 4 

Taylor 1 19 

Stevery 1 11 6 

Row - 1 112 

Hickson - 6 0 

Barding 8 7 6 

Buckman - 6 0 

Mills - 12 11 

Budden - 6 ..3 

Buckland 2 1 10 

Wickes - 6 0 

Bennett 2 8 

Perkins - 2 62 

Rosier 3 18 3 

Gurney - 3 6 

Pierce - 18 8 

Harbour 1 12 8 

Morecock 1 4 

Garrett - 9 7 

Whitmarsh 1 9 1 

Also the following sums of money due to the sd decd from the undermentioned persons which have not been recd by her or on her account which she esteems to be doubtful debts. 

Mr.newman - 13 9 

Harris Perkins - 7 11 

Perkins ..- 11 4: 

Pooley - 17 52 

Solomon - 6 9 

Evelyn - 8 4 

Harbour - 1 9 

Hitchcock - 2 11 

Richards - 1 12 

Brown 4 14 

Allman - 19 6 

Miller - 18 6 

Riddle - 7 82 

Downam - 17 6 

Flecter - 2 6 

Green - 4 6 

Comyns - 3 - 

Gurney - 5 4 

Haynes - 6 - 

Harbour - 4 3 

Smith - 10 2 

Roach - 5 - 

Ward - 12 92 

Allman - 2 2 

Gould :.- 17 32 

Also the following sums were due to the sd decd at his death prom the undermentioned persons & which have not been recd by her or on her account & which she esteems to be desparate debts. 

Mr.Chapman 3 1 8 

Street 2 1 1: 

Windley 1 13 4 

Randall - 1 52 

Wearing apparel 

Two hats a close body coat a pair of drill breeches pair of leather do. A waistcoat two better coats and two linnen waistcoats six shirts three neck cloths five pair of stockings two pair shoes and some other trifles given to testators brother james by testators desire. 

Lastly this exhibitant declares that no goods chattels or credits of or belonging to the personal estate of the said deceased have at any time since his death come to the hands possession or knowledge of this exhibitant other than what are mentioned and set forth in the above written inventory. 

On the 17th day of October 1786 the said Sarah Godman was duly sworn to the truth of this inventory (by virtue of the comon hereto annexed 

Sarah Godman 

Before me 

John Willis 





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