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Many Residents will have visited and been disappointed by the Environment Agency exhibition (held late 2009) on the proposed flood relief channels around Wraysbury. Naturally it is disappointing that the project is 20 years or so in the future, but much more serious is the suggestion that the channel around Wraysbury, arguably the village most at risk from flooding, could be dropped if cost pressures are too great. The whole scheme all 3 projects is estimated to cost about 200m (that means about 1,000m on past experience of central government costing). Even this latter total however pales into insignificance compared to the 12,000m or so estimated cost of providing facilities for the two weeks of 2012 Olympics. Clearly someone has got his priorities wrong!



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Your Councillors will be expressing, via the Royal Borough, both for the Wraysbury channel to be kept as high priority and for the project to be accelerated.

When your Councillors visited the Exhibition they found, as did many of the residents they spoke to, 

that the organisers were quite unable to answer detailed questions about the engineering and safety of the project.  Both of your Councillors are demanding that the Environment Agency returns to the village to give a proper presentation on this matter.

Your Councillors are also pursuing the question of reinstating dredging (even if this would upset the fish as claimed by the Environment Agency. So in early October 2009, Cllr Rayner met with the Chairman of the Environment Agency to ask if they would start dredging of the River Thames again. Lord Smith said that dredging was been considered at the Staines Reach of the River Thames.

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