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Parish Council News December 2010

Returning to our article in the last edition of Wraysbury News, we regret to report that the plans for a new play area have had to be abandoned for the present due to the withdrawal of Government funding. This is very disappointing and our thanks go to Councillor Mrs. Hughes for all her efforts on our behalf which unfortunately came to nought.

Regarding the proposed changes in the opening times for the mobile library, the latest information we had was that consultation had been delayed until the autumn but at the time of writing nothing more has been heard.

We continue to work with the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead towards our long term goal of seeing a doctor’s surgery re-established in Wraysbury. As part of this process we are giving consideration to the submission of an outline planning application for a building to be used as a surgery.

The traffic strategy in the centre of the village and at Hythe End was completed earlier this year and we have noted a resultant reduction in traffic speed with a consequent improvement in road safety. We continue to monitor the situation and will give consideration to any improvements that may be desired.

At our meeting held in September it was agreed that the following roads would be promoted for resurfacing in the coming year:

  • Staines Road (south from Mafeking Road)

  • Ouseley Road

  • Wharf Road

  • Station Road (over the railway bridge)

We are also continuing to press for funds to be made available for establishing a continuous footway over the bridge at Wraysbury Station. We are also seeking to protect the funding for a cycle way from the centre of the village to Hythe End.

Following the publication of an article written by Mr. Graham Sinclair in the last edition of this magazine, we had an excellent response from residents who offered their support for seeking public access to Queensmead Lake. We already had the matter under discussion and took legal advice providing copies of all relevant documents and information. The reply we received was that ‘the Council is not in a position to demand public or local access but will have to rely on persuasion and, possibly, the pressure of local opinion’.The Parish Council considered this reply at some length and decided to write to the Company Secretary of Veolia Water asking that he reconsiders his previous decision to decline public access. This request was made in the light of public opinion and in view of the proofs of evidence given at the Public Inquiry held in 1973. We await a reply with interest.

We have considered a number of consultation papers during the past few months. One of these sought views on a number of ways to create more first and primary school places in the area. The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead consider that one option is to provide an extra 15 places per year group at Oakfield First School, Windsor. Another is expanding either Wraysbury Primary School or Datchet St. Mary’s CE Primary School. After discussion the Parish Council decided to support an increase to 60 per year group at Wraysbury as this would mean that the school would no longer need to mix year groups if it so chooses.

Another response was made to a consultation paper on local referendums to veto excessive council tax increases. We are not in favour of including parish councils in this process as if we anticipate a substantial increase for a particular reason, our practice has always been to summon a parish meeting to explain the reasons and seek the views of residents. Over the years we have worked very hard to ensure that any increases in our precept are largely restricted by the rate of inflation and we will endeavour to continue this trend.

Many of you have no doubt heard some details of the Government’s plans for a ‘Big Society’. Meetings have been held to discuss what powers the Parish Council would be interested in taking over from the Royal Borough thus dispensing with centralised bureaucracy. A number of functions were considered and it has been agreed that the maintenance of public footpaths and ensuring that hedges do not cause obstruction would be seriously considered for takeover. However appropriate funding is the main criterion to consider and thus no detailed decision can be made until discussions with the Royal Borough have been successfully concluded.

Over the past few months we have received a number of enquiries concerning the new blue recycling bins. These comments have been mainly from residents who have difficulty in either storing the bins or have limited access. We made approaches to the Royal Borough who are now introducing what they believe is a solution that will make recycling rewards available to all those residents who do not have their own individual wheelie bins including those who live in properties either with communal facilities, where there is insufficient storage space or where the property is inaccessible for refuse collection. Once such households have activated their recycling accounts, residents will tell RecycleBank either online or by phone each week that they have recycled. Points will then be allocated to participating residents based on an equal share of the total amount recycled in the area. Further details can be obtained on www.rbwm.gov.uk or 01628 663598.

In the interests of protecting the local environment we have recently installed additional litter and dog waste bins around the village. We hope that these will be used as appropriate and would welcome any suggestions for other sites.

The Parish Council is an active member of the NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) which is currently promoting through its community newsletter (which can be found on the Parish Council website) that all residents consider subscribing to the free community messaging service (more commonly known as Ringmaster) operated by Thames Valley Police. This service allows you to be constantly updated on what is happening in your area in relation to reported crimes, crime alerts, bogus callers or email scams, crime reduction advice, police appeals, etc. You can choose how you receive this information, e.g. email, fax, text or by voice mail to your landline or mobile phone.

Interested ?? - sign up online by visiting www.tvpcommunitymessaging.org

Please remember that the Parish Council elections will take place in May of next year. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor now is the time to start giving the matter your consideration. We normally meet on the third Monday of each month and thus there is not necessarily a huge time commitment. However you can get more involved if your time allows and with the coming of the ‘Big Society’ as detailed earlier in this article, there could be more opportunities. Please contact me if you require more information.

Finally a date for your diaries: the next Annual Parish Meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 19th April 2011.


Roger P. Marlow

Clerk to the Council 

December 2010

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