Wraysbury Parish Council

Parish Council News December 2008

December 2008

Since the last issue of Wraysbury News we have unfortunately lost Mrs. Margaret (Maggie) Gardiner as a Parish Councillor. We thank Maggie for her most valuable contributions to the work of the Council and offer her our best wishes for the future. We shall certainly not lose touch as she is involved in many activities in the village including the publication of this magazine.

At our meeting in September we co-opted Dr. Rabnawaz Khan as a new Councillor. We were most impressed when we first met him and are sure that he will be a valuable asset to the Parish Council.

At our meeting in May, Mr. Michael Smith stood down as Chairman after 7 years in the position. He did excellent work over that time and will be greatly missed although still remaining as a Councillor. Our new Chairman is Mr. Andrew Davies and we offer him our congratulations and support.

The Parish Council is now made up as follows:

Mr. Andrew Davies (Chairman)

Mr. Philip Jackson (Vice-Chairman)

Mrs. Diana Hughes (Planning Chairman)

Mr. David Martin (Properties Chairman)

Mr. Thomas Rooks (Greens Chairman)

Mr. Charles Collins 

Dr. Rabnawaz Khan

Mr. John Lenton 

Mr. Peter Lord

Mr. Michael Smith 

Mr. Ronald Watson

The keen gardeners amongst you may like to take advantage of a new initiative being offered by the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. At present if you need to dispose of bulky garden waste you can use the ‘by appointment’ collection service by calling: 01628 68380

However this is for occasional large volumes of garden waste and must be booked in advance. If you would like a more regular service you can sign up for a fortnightly collection costing £29 per year for which a green wheelie bin will be provided. At the time of writing there is a special introductory offer of £53 for two years instead of the normal £58. An on-line subscription form can be found on the Royal Borough’s website: http://www.rbwm.gov.uk/web/wm_green_waste_service.htm

Changes in planning legislation came into force on 1st October 2008. We are informed this could have a significant effect on residents due to the increase in the amount of extensions and alterations that may now be carried out without planning permission. For residents with access to the internet there is excellent helpful advice on the Planning Portal at:


where residents can use the interactive 3D house to find more detailed guidance on the need for planning permission and approval under the Building Regulations. A link to this is also provided on the Borough Council’s website. However the requirement to comply with Building Regulations still remains and the Borough

Council’s Consultancy can be contacted on: 

01626 796070 or at Building.Control@rbwm.gov.uk

Planning Officers can also provide advice through Customer Service Centres on:

01628 683810

A number of residents have experienced some difficulties in purchasing tickets at Wraysbury station following the installation of new ticket machines. We have made representations to South West Trains who have responded that it is their intention to fit a security shutter to the machine which should resolve the problem of the screen being difficult to read in bright sunlight. It should also prove beneficial in deterring vandalism to the machine particularly at night. At present the machine is programmed to only issue off peak tickets from 9.30 am. This can cause difficulties as the first available train leaves only 2 minutes after that time giving little opportunity to purchase tickets. However a software upgrade is planned which will allow South West Trains to set the times when tickets are available for purchase.

Please also remember that where a passenger cannot access a station, the Company undertakes to provide a taxi from the inaccessible station to the next accessible station. There is also a facility whereby passengers can pre book assistance on a free phone dedicated help line which is: 0800 52 82 100

Please remember that the Parish Council normally meets at 7.30 pm on the first and third Mondays of each month. Planning applications are part of the agenda of all these meetings. If there is an application submitted in which you have an interest please watch the notice boards for information on when this will be discussed.

Finally a date for your diaries; our Annual Parish Meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 25th April 2009. Remember this is YOUR meeting at which residents have the opportunity to ask questions.

Roger P. Marlow, Cambia,

Clerk to the Council

December 2008