Wraysbury Parish Council

Parish Council News December 2007

Since the last issue of Wraysbury News two new councillors have been co-opted to fill the vacancies on the Parish Council as at the time of election in May there were insufficient candidates. We are most pleased to seethe return of Mr. Philip Jackson who did excellent work for the Council on previous occasions. We also welcome Mrs. Margaret (Maggie) Gardiner who many of you will know from her involvement with other village organisations including the Sunnymeads Residents' Association. The Parish Council is now made up as follows:

Mr. Michael Smith            (Chairman)

Mr. Andrew Davies          (Vice-Chairman)

Mrs. Diana Hughes          (Planning Chairman)

Mr. David Martin               (Properties Chairman)

Mr. Thomas Rooks           (Greens Chairman)

Mr. Charles Collins            

Mrs. Margaret Gardiner

Mr. Philip Jackson            

Mr. John Lenton

Mr. Peter Lord                

Mr. Ronald Watson

Continuing on from the excellent work done by our former Borough Councillor, Mr. Don. Gregory, two of our Councillors have spent much time developing the Parish Council's Traffic Strategy. The perception was that too much traffic passes through Wraysbury and a significant proportion fails to observe the speed limits. The opening of Terminal 5 threatens an increase in traffic volume. All the foregoing tends to create an unsafe environment for cyclists and pedestrians. Therefore we feel that there is a need to protect the village environment. The Strategy was finally presented to the meeting of the full Parish Council held on Monday 17th September 2007 and after some discussion was formally adopted for passing to the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead for their consideration. There were a number of specific proposals but with an awareness that not all will come to fruition in the short tern, it was thought necessary to prioritise with the emphasis being on Staines Road.


We are currently reviewing the condition, type and location of notice boards in the village. Most are life expired with the exception of the one at Gloucester Drive and possibly the one at the Village Hall. This provides the Council with the opportunity to have a uniform design and colour. The existing locations are likely to remain unchanged but an additional board may be located outside the school in Welley Road.


A few months ago we met with an officer of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead to discuss how best we could give more publicity to the Advantage Card scheme and also to make it easier and more convenient to apply for such a Card. There was a feeling that not everyone is aware of the Card and its benefits and there could be a deterrent in having to travel to Windsor to make an application. Following these discussions it has been agreed to hold a promotional day in the Village Hall on Monday 14th January from 7.30 to 9.30 pm at which applications may he made and the necessary photograph taken.


Once again we have asked Network Rail and South West Trains for some indication when the height of the platforms at Wraysbury is likely to be raised. We have been aware for many years that elderly and infirm passengers find it difficult to board and disembark from trains at Wraysbury and this appears to have been exacerbated by the introduction of new trains. South West Trains have replied that, at present, there are no plans to alter station facilities at either Wraysbury or Sunnymeads. However, being committed to ensuring that all passengers can use the network, they state that where a passenger cannot access a station, a taxi will be provided to the next accessible station (i.e. Staines). In addition there is also the facility of a dedicated help line, 0800 52 82 100 on which passengers may pre book assistance. This service can also be used to book alternative road transport as described above. We would be interested to hear from anyone who attempts to use this facility.


During the year we have been involved in a number of planning applications that have been determined by the Development Control Panel or by appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. Where possible the Parish Council has been represented including the last application for the development if the site of the former Feathers Public House at Hythe End. This seems to have reached a most satisfactory conclusion and we thank the Hythe End Action Team and residents of the area for all their efforts and support in this respect. 


We also responded at length to a Government White Paper on 'Planning for a Sustainable Future' as we feel that an increase in the entitlement to carry out permitted development in domestic curtilege could have serious implications for flood risk.


Finally a date for your diaries; our Annual Parish Meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Thursday 10th April 2008. Remember this is YOUR meeting at which residents have the opportunity to ask questions.


Roger P. Marlow, Clerk to the Council



 December 2007