Wraysbury Parish Council

Parish Council News June 2007

Another four years have passed and we have a new Parish Council although the majority of members remain unchanged. Unfortunately once again the number of candidates did not reach the number required to fill all seats on the Council. However at the time of writing we have been given the opportunity to advertise the vacancies and co-opt. This process should by complete by the time you read this article. The following are currently members of the Parish Council:


  • Mr. Charles Collins

  • Mr. Andrew Davies

  • Mrs. Diana Hughes

  • Mr. John Lepton

  • Mr. Peter Lord

  • Mr. David Martin

  • Mr. Thomas Rooks

  • Mr. Michael Smith

  • Mr. Ronald Watson


We hope to have two further members after our meeting to be held on 14`h May. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman will also be elected at that meeting.


Those of you who pass the Village Green regularly will notice that the construction of the new Community Building (formally known as the Scout Hut) is proceeding well and should be completed by the middle of May. This is a replacement for the building which had served the village well for over 80 years and had been used as a Village Hall, emergency classroom and latterly as Scout Hut. However due to the age of the building, maintenance costs had risen to an unacceptable level and thus the building was no longer economically viable. The new building will be for community use but will be used particularly by the Scouts and associated groups.


We are currently considering projects that could possibly benefit from monies held in the Disused Gravel Pit Fund. Suggestions made so far range from new village signs on entry roads, refurbishment of the Splash, fencing of grass verges to prevent parking thereon, more and better street lighting (although this is a Borough responsibility), general enhancement of the village appearance and land purchase. Do you have any comments on the foregoing or do you have any other ideas? Please let us know. Suggested projects maybe outside our control or remit, maybe too costly or not feasible for other reasons but all suggestions will be considered. We may even have to establish an order of priority. Your views would be much appreciated.


We are pleased to say that the disabled bay outside the Village Hall appears to have been respected during the trial period and it is now anticipated that this will now become a permanent facility.


At the meeting held on Monday 16"' January 2007 the Parish Council set a parish precept of £51,353 which represents £24.62 per band 'D' equivalent property, an increase of 2.2% over last year. Unfortunately had there not been substantial damage caused to Parish property as a result of vandalism there would have been no increase despite effects of inflation. However on a more positive note, the Chairman of the Council reported at the Annual Parish Meeting on an operation that had been undertaken by the Police by which they had been able identify some offenders.


Interestingly vandalism was identified as the major concern of local residents who attended the Launch of Neighbourhood Policing which was held in Datchet on Wednesday 11'h April 2007. The opinion was sought of the 65 residents who were present. They were asked to set their main policing priorities for the next six months. Some 30 concerns were put forward on which votes were taken by the placing of coloured stickers. As stated above vandalism was the primary concern followed by anti-social behaviour and speeding.


Officers of Thames Valley Police were also present at the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 23`a April 2007. However the meeting was not well attended there being only 14 members of the public present. Inspector Harling, the local beat officer and a newly appointed police community support officer all attended and gave details of the forthcoming Neighbourhood Policing amongst other information.


At the meeting it was also reported that the number of thefts from motor vehicles had increased and this was often the result of valuable items being left in vehicles and often on open display. The clear message given was:


  • Steer clear of car crime –
  • don't leave items of value on display in your car;
  • take all your belongings with you when you leave the car.
  • If you have a sat­nav system, do not even leave evidence that it was ever on your windscreen.


It was also emphasised that burglaries are often as a result of opportunism and thus it should be remembered:


  • Don't make it easy for criminals.
  • Keep valuables and keys out of sight and out of a burglar's reach.
  • Bolt out the burglar - don't invite them into your home - always keep your doors and windows secure.
  • Never leave a garage or garden shed unlocked - they often contain tools which are ideal for breaking into the rest of the house.
  • Make your property appear to be occupied when you are out.


Please remember that the single number for Thames Valley Police is:

0845 8 505 505


However in an emergency always call            999


Finally our thanks and appreciation go to Mr Don Gregory who has been one of our Borough Councillors for the past four years. Mr Gregory has decided not to seek re-election but we thank him for all his time and efforts on behalf of Wraysbury and Horton and wish him well for the future.


Roger R Marlow,


 June 2007