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Wraysbury Baptist Church

Wednesday 9th December 
Candlelit Christmas Carol Evening 7.30 pm

Wraysbury Jazz Club

Sunday 6th December
Staines Brass Band Christmas Concert - Village Hall, open to all - tickets £7 - 7:00pm

News from the Borough Council

Free Home Energy Survey

The Council’s Environment Services are offering a Free Home Energy Survey.  The Royal Borough’s Energy Awareness Officer will visit your home – about half an hour – and show you ways to reduce your energy bills. The Officer will explain the discounts and grants available for insulation measures, boilers and electrical items and provide you with a score showing the efficiency of your home PLUS give you 2 free low energy long life light bulbs. For a leaflet or to request a ‘FREE Home Energy Survey’ please contact RBWM Customer Service Centre on 01628 683820. 

New Utilities Partnership Proposal to keep Borough on the move

Fewer traffic hold-ups and better travel information. That's the aim of a new council initiative that will bring about better co-ordination of roadworks and more information for residents, visitors, businesses and the travelling public.

The Royal Borough wants all the utility companies to work more closely together and with the council to schedule roadworks effectively so that if one organisation plans to dig for repairs or installations, others can take the opportunity to do their works at the same time. 

This 'joined up working' would be achieved through the council's proposal for a Joint Royal Borough/Utlilty Partnership Charter, which is now being developed and would aim to:

·       maximise forward planning

·       minimise disruption

·       increase information for the public and

·       make sure that roads and footways are reinstated to the correct standard.

"We appreciate utilities have to do repairs and installations, but the council wants to work in close co-operation with them so they get it right first time. Council roadworks also have to be done so we must make sure we are all working closely closely together. The needs of our residents come first at all times."

Council officers will now develop the charter for utility companies to comment on.  It is hoped the new charter will be in operation by the autumn.

Phase 2: Mixed recycling pilot to launch in September

Recycling will soon be saving money for even more Royal Borough residents as the council's pioneering rewards pilot scheme is extended to include mixed recycling.

Starting on Monday 7 September residents in the pilot scheme were be asked to use the blue bin for all their recycling – cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and paper – and start earning rewards!

Working with waste contractor Veolia Environmental Services and RecycleBank, the council is the first in the country to introduce the groundbreaking rewards scheme. Based on the concept of ‘the more you recycle, the more you earn’, it means residents can get RecycleBank reward Points for the amount they recycle and divert from landfill. The Points can then be used to buy goods and services from around 60 participating local and national shops and businesses or they can be donated to charity. 


"By giving rewards instead of imposing penalties, we are encouraging more people to recycle and therefore reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill. The vouchers also support our local economy by promoting borough shops and businesses."


The new blue bins come equipped with special tags that are scanned by equipment in the Veolia Environmental Services collection vehicle. No personal identification is held – the scanner identifies the address, allocates a unique user number which is used by households to access, monitor and claim their reward Points. Full details about the mixed recycling rewards pilot will be announced.

If the pilot study us successful, and present indications are that it will, it is intended to extend it across the Borough


For more information about the rewards for recycling scheme visit, or


Many Residents will have visited and been disappointed by the Environment Agency exhibition on the proposed flood relief channels around Wraysbury. Naturally it is disappointing that the project is 20 years or so in the future, but much more serious is the suggestion that the channel around Wraysbury, arguably the village most at risk from flooding, could be dropped if cost pressures are too great. The whole scheme – all 3 projects – is estimated to cost about £200m (that means about £1,000m on past experience of central government costing). Even this latter total however pales into insignificance compared to the £12,000m or so estimated cost of providing facilities for the two weeks of 2012 Olympics. Clearly someone has got his priorities wrong!

Your Councillors will be expressing, via the Royal Borough, both for the Wraysbury channel to be kept as high priority and for the project to be accelerated.

When your Councillors visited the Exhibition they found, as did many of the residents they spoke to, that the organisers were quite unable to answer detailed questions about the engineering and safety of the project. Both of your Councillors are demanding that the Environment Agency returns to the village to give a proper presentation on this matter.

Your Councillors are also pursuing the question of reinstating dredging (even if this would upset the fish as claimed by the Environment Agency. So in early October, Cllr Rayner met with the Chairman of the Environment Agency to ask if they would start dredging of the River Thames again. Lord Smith said that dredging was been considered at the Staines Reach of the River Thames.

Councillor Colin Rayner email:

Councillor John Lenton  email:


Neighbourhood Watch

Many of you are aware of the Thames Valley Police Messaging service you can receive by email. Updates on crimes are received about twice a week and it is a very helpful service. Also the Police have Neighbourhood Action Groups (NAG) for each area. Residents who wish to become involved by working with the police and attending a meeting every couple of months, can highlight any problems in the area. 

To receive the TVP messaging service: and if you wish to get involved with the NAG please contact Cllr John Lenton or Cllr Colin Rayner.

Wraysbury Container & Horton Mobile Library

The Container is open at Wraysbury on Wednesdays 2pm – 7pm and Saturdays 10am – 1pm. These times can be found on the website at

The Mobile is at the Crown Pub in Horton every third Tuesday from 11.45-12 noon. These dates and any changes to the schedule can be found on the website at

Angela Gallacher Business Performance Manager LIHAS Maidenhead Library

Tel 01628 685641 email


Royal Borough saves Horton Woodland

The Royal Borough has stepped in to rescue an area of woodland next to a nature reserve from being put up for auction. The Borough's swift action means the land alongside Arthur Jacob Nature Reserve in Stanwell Road, Horton – which had attracted the interest of several potential buyers – can now be used to increase the size of the nature reserve and create an even more attractive walking area in the south of the borough.

When the 15-acre Poyle Poplars Woodland, owned by Thames Water, was advertised to be auctioned, there were concerns from many in the local community that this valuable amenity might be lost.

The Royal Borough – which has a 20-year lease on a small part of the land, used as a car park – contacted Thames Water on 1 October asking to buy the land. The move was supported by Horton Parish Council, local residents, MP Adam Afriyie and adjacent landowners. Thames Water readily agreed to the request and the borough is now buying the land.

Cllr Alison Knight, lead member for planning, development and property, said: "Thanks to the fast action of councillors and officers and the cooperation of Thames Water, we have been able to rescue this land for the borough. If we hadn't stepped in, the woodland's new owners could have closed the land to the local community."

Cllr Simon Dudley, lead member for adult and community services, added: "This woodland area is a very welcome addition to the borough's collection of parks, open spaces and nature reserves.

"A 2006 survey identified a lack of natural and semi-natural public open space in the southern wards, including Horton and Wraysbury, so it is particularly good news that this imbalance can be redressed and that residents in this part of the borough can look forward to many pleasant strolls around this diverse natural area."

The council plans to incorporate the woodland and car park into the nature reserve by creating a circular walking route with signage, path improvements, fencing and woodland management. Sponsorship will be sought to help fund the work.

Arthur Jacob Nature Reserve, named after a former borough mayor, was officially opened in 1996, having been created from a series of derelict sewage sludge lagoons. Under Royal Borough care the reserve rapidly developed into a haven for wildlife and was designated a Local Nature Reserve in 1999. The reserve runs alongside the Colne Brook and includes areas of reedbed, woodland and meadows as well as tree and shrub planting. The addition of this area of woodland will complement the reserve by offering a larger area and additional interest for visitors, allowing the creation of the circular route and contributing to local biodiversity by providing additional habitats for wildlife.

When I first saw information that Arthur Jacobs Nature Reserve goes on sale, I wrote to the Thames Water Chief Executive, Mr. David Owens asking him to remove the land from auction! I then had a meeting with David Oram, the deputy Chief Executive of the RBWM Council and the Leader of the Council, Cllr David Burbage to see if the Borough could purchase the land for the residents of Horton and Wraysbury. Much to my surprise they said yes!

I have been in the council for only 4 years now and I was very pleased to see that when the council needs to do something in a hurry it does happen! I would also thank all the residents from Horton and Wraysbury who offered their help, support and even money to buy the land especially Debbie Keen and Fr Simon Douglas Lane. I think the sale has now been completed. The hard work now begins as we have to maintain the site and keep it open to public use and free from vandalism, fly tipping, and illegal occupation.

Our both villages must work together to protect this lovely woodland that brings us so much pleasure. It is also true that these trees absorb hundreds of tonnes of carbon monoxide each and produce even more oxygen!

Thank you to the RBWM for buying this land!

Cllr Colin Rayner

Macmillan Cancer Support

Saturday 28th November
Wraysbury Village Hall, 10 am til noon. Stalls include Christmas gifts & cards, candles, greeting cards, jewellery, soft toys, cakes, books, good quality clothes, bric-a-brac & of course a raffle.

Wraysbury Orchid Event

Saturday, 7th November 2009
Wraysbury Orchid Event,  incorporating Orchid Society of Great Britain are having their annual Autumn Orchid Show at  Wraysbury Village Hall from 10:30am - 4:00pm. Contact:

St Andrew’s 

Sunday 4th October 2009
Harvest Festival

11.00am: morning praise/informal communion by extension
6.30pm: harvest supper in the annex


Friday 7th August 2009

Discover the fascinating world of Bats with the Surrey Bat Group and the National Trust wardens. We’ll set off as night falls over the Ankerwycke estate and search for these mysterious creatures as they hunt for food. Bring a torch and a bat detector if you have one. The walk is approx 1.5 miles and lasts about 2 hours. Dry and sturdy footwear recommended. Sorry no dogs allowed for this walk.

Meet 8.20pm at Ankerwycke Farm, Magna Carta Lane, Wraysbury.

Adults £5; Senior Citizens £4; Children £1

BOOKING ESSENTIAL as places limited Please call 01784 432891

News from the Borough Councillors

The 1.9% increase in Council Tax is even lower than last year, is the lowest increase in the history of this Borough and is also the lowest of the 388 Councils in the country outside London.

The Council is maintaining and improving services. Spending on our roads is being doubled. £8 million is to be spent on safeguarding the most vulnerable children. We are employing more PCSOs and Community Wardens and installing more CCTV cameras around the borough. Two CCTVs in Wraysbury have recently become operational. 73 bureaucrat posts have been cut and 22 new frontline posts created.

Pilot Waste Incentive Scheme

Landfill Tax is increased every year and we are determined to avoid as much of this tax as possible. But we intend to remain a "Clean Borough" by continuing weekly refuse collections.  Instead of fining Residents who make mistakes by putting out the wrong type of refuse or putting it out at the wrong time, we are introducing a pilot scheme to reward Residents who reduce collection costs.

We will use wheelie bins fitted with devices to identify the bin and the various waste stream(s) collected.

The refuse vehicle will have an automatic reader connected to on-board weighing equipment which will read and weigh the bin. The data will be stored and points, calculated from the weight of recycled material collected, will be allocated to the household. These points will give Residents "rewards" that they can use in local shops and businesses. This is a voluntary scheme and nobody will be forced to collect these "rewards".

To take part please contact Larry Wolfe, waste and environmental protection manager on 01628 683598.


The Council have rejected plans to raise taxi fares across the Borough - Good news in these difficult economic times. This follows the abolition of the three Taxi Zones of Windsor, Maidenhead and "Other". The Borough's taxis can ply for trade anywhere in the Borough and not waste money travelling empty from one zone to another.

Local Roads

We are continuing to improve our roads after years of neglect. Much resurfacing was undertaken last year and Coppermill Road is to be resurfaced this year.

Windsor Fire Station

After losing the judicial review the Royal Borough is now considering withdrawing from the Royal Berkshire Fire Service and starting its own with 24 hour cover in Windsor. This is at very early stages. We hope that Berkshire Fire Service will back off from closing the Windsor Night Shift.


We meet residents every day as we go about our daily lives in the two villages and would like to thank everybody who has helped us in our work as Ward Councillors.

Each month one or both of us attend the following meetings to represent the views of the two villages:

      Wraysbury and Horton Parish Council meetings,

      Windsor Development Control Panel (which covers every planning applica­tion in this Ward).

      Crime and Disorder Forum (where Councillors meet with the local Inspector of Police and discuss problems they may have in their ward).

      Full Council (which meets bi-monthly), where we ask questions at every meeting relating to matters that are of concern to local residents. By taking this action, we have made things happen in the ward.

       Cabinet -which usually meets once a month

Councillor Surgeries

We have found that Residents would like more convenient and private consultations than is possible with formal surgeries. If you need our help please `phone or write to arrange a private appointment. All Residents of Horton and Wraysbury are welcome to seek our help.

Councillor Colin Rayner


 Councillor John Lenton


Wraysbury Entertains

St Georges Day Celebration Dinner Dance - Saturday 25th April 2009, Tickets  at £23 need to be paid for by 1st April 2009.  For further information contact Ray and Pam or Len and Avril

Born to Jive

Free Dance Night

26th January , Wraysbury Village Halls - FREE dance night.  Fun jive lessons7:30pm - 8:00pm and Freestyle dancing 8:30pm - 10:30pm. Any dance style is welcome but the music will be aimed at jivers (still a wide range though, from Sinatra to Madonna)

Wraysbury Players

Puss in Boots

Its Pantomime time on the 22th, 23th and 24th January with the Wraysbury Players and Puss in Boots by Doris Hilliard.  Curtain up 7:30pm.  Tickets £7.00 from Pennyfields Stores or e-mail

Bi-Annual Wraysbury News

Please e-mail  with any other information you would like to see included on this page.

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